Somebody That I Used To Know

Every once in a while a new song comes along that I end up obsessing over. Now, when I say obsessing, I really mean it. This infatuation means that I'll listen to the song on my ipod, on repeat obviously, for weeks at a time. I'll live and breath the song. Now, usually this obsession manifests from a new Coldplay or Adele album, but this time it's someone very different. How exciting, I've found a new victim. Haha

I only heard this song for the first time tonight as I had put MTV on while baking cakes for the staff at my school (tomorrow is my last day, I'm going to miss everybody so much, it really has been an amazing experience. Don't worry, I plan to blog about that later on this weekend). The song is by an artist called Gotye and is so different from all of the other mainstream techno crap that's out there. When it first came on I immediately stopped what I was doing to watch and listen. By halfway through the song I'd asked Carl to download the album Making Mirrors off of iTunes, and by the end of the video I'd rushed to the remote to rewind it and watch again (in the end I did this about 4 times. Haha). Not to mention the guy is kinda hot (I know, I know. He looks a bit like a skinny Tarzan. It's really baffled me too). I love how his voice is a cross between Peter Gabriel/Ozzy Osbourne/Sting and the music reminds me of a Phil Collins type of song. It's totally my cup of tea, my kind of music, and I plan to make this song my ringtone later this evening. IN LOVE!

So, I'd like to pass along this little masterpiece to all of you in hopes that you'll enjoy/obsess over it as much as I have. And, I feel better knowing that I can't be the only one with an infatuation as the video has had nearly 100,000,000 YouTube views. (Holy Crap!)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Gotye with Somebody That I Used To Know (Feat Kimbra)


  1. Ok, I just listed to this 6 times and I LOVE IT! Like daughter like mother. Thank you for introducing Gotye to me. Keep the blog's coming.


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