The Pancake Shop

There are a couple of restaurants here in Liverpool that Carl and I absolutely adore and will miss something awful when we move back home in the summer. One of them is a little Italian restaurant called Ruis that is an Anderson family favorite. Another is The Blackhouse Grillwe went here for Carl's birthday in January and I wrote about it in this post. There's Jackson's Fish and Chip Shop which makes my FAVORITE fish and chips in England. And finally, there's the local bakery that my good friend Jacqui introduced me to called Cuthbert's Bakehouse (Seriously, I love this place so much that I've dedicated an entire post to proclaiming my love. You can read that here). But even more than all of those yummy places, Carl and I love a little restaurant close to his parent's house called Cafe Des Crepes. We affectionately refer to it as "The Pancake Shop." 

I adore The Pancake Shop so much that I've taken every single one of my loved ones who have come to England to eat there, and Carl and I try to go for breakfast as often as humanly possible. We always order 'the usual,' which consists of a butter and sugar crepe for me, a ham and cheese crepe for Carl and another ham and cheese crepe that we split down the middle and share. Both of us get a side of REAL Maple Syrup (none of that fake crap will do, ya see. I'm a Vermonter folks! In case you're unaware, The Green Mountain State is the place where the Mack-Daddy of all Maple Syrup is produced. Canada ain't got nothing on us! Ha!) All of the staff know our orders by heart and recognize us as soon as we walk in. Duncan, the owner and chef, always gives a big wave and smile when we walk in the front door and says goodbye when we leave. It's delicious, it's warm and welcoming, it's a place that I'll sincerely miss and crave when I go home. 

This morning the hubby and I went to the pancake shop with Mama Lynne and Papa Garry. Carl and I ordered our usual, while Mama Lynne tested out the lemon and sugar crepe with a bit of vanilla ice cream and Papa Garry gobbled up 'The Complete,' which was basically filled with everything but the kitchen sink. Mid-meal Carl turned to me and said "You know, you should write a blog about this place" to which I smiled and said "Good idea, baby." The wheels began to turn as I pondered my love for this quaint little restaurant and thought about all of the special people I've sat and enjoyed crepes with here.

Obviously, I've eaten there with my Carl. While we were in the process of looking for a new apartment a couple of years ago we were temporarily staying with his parents. It was on a random hand-in-hand stroll around the village when we accidentally walked down a side road and stumbled upon it. For the duration of our time living at his parent's house we found ourselves at The Pancake Shop nearly every Saturday morning, and even now that we're miles away in the City Centre it's become somewhat of a tradition to go whenever we're in Formby. It's our 'special' restaurant that we always visit together, always share a ham and cheese pancake, always lick up every last drop of our maple syrup and always say "I could easily eat some more..." The Pancake Shop is always the place we share with our friends and family.

I'm spoiled rotten in that my bestest friend Tasha has been to visit me every single year that I've been in England. She will be here for the 4th time on the 1st of April (I'm SO excited to see you, Chach!) and aside from Carl she's accompanied me to the pancake shop the most. I consider her a 'regular' as she rants and raves about this place just as much as I do, and I know that soon after her plane lands on English soil she'll suggest we hop on the train and go. This is just a perfect example of why we are best friends. Among other things, she's my food buddy and I know I can always count on my Chach to join me for my favorite yum-yums, because 90% of the time they're her favorite yum-yums too. 

My Sister and my other best friend Megan have also accompanied me to the Pancake shop, and whenever Carl and I check-in there on Facebook you can bet your bottom dollar they're going to 'like' it. It makes me smile and makes me sad at the same time. I hate that they're so far away and I can't share more memories with them there, but I love knowing that they're 'liking' that check-in because they're remembering the time we shared there. In some weird way it makes me feel closer to them.

Last July my Mom, Dad and Grandma accompanied Carl, Mama Lynne, Papa Garry and I to the pancake shop. And even now, 8 months later, whenever Carl and I go upstairs to sit in a booth I always look at the spot where all of us pushed 3 tables together and ate that summer day. It was one of the only times in my life that nearly all of my family had been in the same country, let alone the same restaurant, and it's special to me. It's a memory I won't forget because it was one of the only times in my life that I was almost complete, that I was almost content. If my Sister had been there, I would have been. I still remember what everyone ordered, I remember the weather and what I was wearing, I remember that it was 2 days before our wedding, and I remember the utter happiness I felt. It made me sad today to look over at that spot because I wished they were there with us again, creating another memory. It makes me scared and sad because I don't know if that opportunity will ever present itself again. I pray that it does.

I'll miss this restaurant when we go. Not just because it's got the best French Crepe's I've EVER eaten in my entire life, even better than those I had in Paris. Not just because it's the only place in the world where Carl and I can order 'the usual' because we're actually cool enough to call ourselves 'regulars.' Not just because it's one of the only restaurants in Liverpool to offer REAL Maple Syrup (trust me, there are few). But because of the memories I have there. Those special memories I have there with the special people in my life. Because The Pancake Shop is one of the only places in the entire world that all of my favorite people have been to, all of my loved ones. It's one of the only places in the entire world where I was almost complete, where I was almost content. I'll never forget that.

I look forward to the day, the place, the time where all of my loved ones are together. To the day, the place, the time where I'm no longer fragmented. Where I am complete. Where I am content. I know that even though I haven't experienced that yet, it will happen. Someday. But until that day comes, The Pancake Shop is the closest I've got. 

Thanks for reading, guys.
Take good care,


  1. When I tell people about my trip to England I always mention the crepes that I had that day. They were very good and the company even better. Liked the post and it made me shed a happy tear. Another good blog, Mandy.

    1. This makes me smile :) Love you, Momma. Thanks for reading xoxo

  2. Mmmm...a crepe place opened near us recently and the food is amazing...but definitely not as amazing as a crepe in England. MMmm...so yummy!


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