My love affair with Ben & Jerry

As a born and bred Vermonter I'm obviously going to love Ben & Jerry's ice cream. I mean, come on, how could I not? It's one of the few thing that originated and is still actually made in my tiny state, not to mention it has men, women and children internationally drooling. Ben & Jerry's ice cream has been my favorite, always. Although my Dad will disagree, Friendly's and Breyers aint got nothing on the delicious, ever growing, variety of creamy concoctions that Mr. Cohen and Mr. Greenfield so brilliantly founded. I simply love it. And I'm lucky in that the hubby does too. In fact, the Ben & Jerry's Factory was one of the first places my family and I took Carl on his first visit to the US way back when, and since then he's been just as obsessed as the rest of us. He brags to all of his English friends and family about having been there. And as I type this he's sitting on the couch with his tongue stuck out digging in the bottom of his Phish Food pint like he's just found gold...except I know it's not gold he's found, it's little chocolate fish. Haha. Yes ladies, it's true. I know how to pick 'em! ;)
This is a page out of our scrapbook I've kept . It shows pictures from Carl's first visit. If you look at the bottom right you'll see our super-attractive Ben & Jerry's headshot from when we went to the factory. It's possibly the most unflattering photo of me EVER...hence why I haven't scanned it. Baha! Trust me, you don't wanna see the close up. It might blind you.
Up until now, my favorite B&J flavors have always been Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Half Baked and Boston Cream Pie. Of course there about 20 others that I could easily include in that list as I tend to like the majority of the flavors I try...but having lived in England for the past 4 years has limited my ability to try more/experiment with flavors. The UK variety is very limited and a pint of ice cream costs almost as much as an freakin' engagement ring. Not to mention, B&J is NOT diet friendly...so we rarely have it in the freezer, and if we do it tend's to be in 'FroYo' form nowadays. But tonight as I stood debating which package of spinach I wanted to get (I was basically trying to justify paying another 80p for 'organic' spinach...) when Carl came running up to me with a big geeky smile on his face. He excitedly ushered me over to the frozen section saying "you're gonna hate me for this." When I looked to where he was pointing, I immediately locked eyes with a glowing pint of ice cream and a choir of angels began to sing. There it was. The Vermonster. Just sitting there, beckoning me to take it from the shelf. It was a Horton Hears a Who moment as the little tub of ice cream quietly whispered "Eat me, Amanda! Eat me!" in my ear. So there I was with a dilemma. Do I buy this calorific, hip-hugging yet heavenly pint of ice cream that I've been desperately wanting to try for almost a year (it hadn't yet been on sale in England), or do I put it on the shelf and walk back to my organic spinach with tear-filled eyes?
I would be a bad person if I had denied The Vermonster of it's last wishes. So, I did what any sensible, caring person would have. I brought it home, and I ate it.

And it is now my all time FAVORITE Ben & Jerry's flavor. It's like eating mouthfuls of the most delicious Maple Pecan Pie I've ever had, completely drowned in creamy rich vanilla ice cream. Holy cow. If you haven't tried this, you seriously need to. YUM!

My next Ben & Jerry's endeavor is the Red Velvet flavor. O.M.G! Lord help me if that comes out in England within the next 5 months. I know for a fact my diet would face serious consequences. Haha

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