Here Comes Peter Cottontail!

This week has been a hectic one. Don't get me wrong, it's been really lovely, but super hectic. Hence the lack of posts. Nevertheless, I'm here now to spill the beans on all that has happened, so feel free to forgive me for being such a slacker :)

I started my first week teaching Kindergarten on Monday and I'm absolutely loving it. Although my ideal age group is still 2nd grade, I still find these 5 year olds to be so much fun.  They make me laugh every day and it's an absolute pleasure to go to 'work' in the morning :) As this past week was the final week before Spring/Easter break, we were completely consumed in a variety of Easter activities. They were finishing up their Easter cards for Mom's and Dad's, we made Rice Krispie Chocolate nests with robins eggs and tiny chicks inside (I ate 3 but we'll pretend I didn't), played Easter games and even went to the local park for various Easter activties/hunts. I had a ball regardless of the fact that I somehow managed to sit in a pile of poop during story time at the park. Seriously people. WHY ME?! The worst part was that I hadn't even noticed there was poop on my leg until one of my kids ran up to me and excitedly exclaimed "Mrs. Anderson! Mrs. Anderson! You have poo on your leg!!" I had to refrain from swearing (I'm not gonna lie. I was unbelievably close to saying the 'sugar honey iced tea' word) but I quickly remembered where I was and who was watching me and instead said a very teacherish response, something along the lines of "Oh my goodness! You see guys, this is why it's really important to pay close attention to where you sit!" In the end I had to try and use a nasty old crinkly leaf left over from winter to wipe the majority of the poop off. And when that failed, I tried some grass and ended up with poop AND grass stains on my nice black pants. Joy. Even now I'm still not entirely sure if it was the reminents of a bird or a dog, but what I do know is that I had to walk around with it on my pants for the remaining 45 minutes of our Easter Egg Hunt. It was di-sgu-sting and I was NOT impressed. EW! However, Friday made up for it as I brought in one of my Easter Starbucks Bearista Bears (which Carl and I have so aptly named Peter Cottontail) to show the kids. Mr. Cottontail, aka the one and only Easter bunny, was watching all of the children very closely all day to see who was behaving and who was not. Peter even made a point of reminding the children that, like Santa and Mrs. Anderson, he had eyes in the back of his head (hidden behind his
floppy ears) and was watching to see who deserved a big delicious Easter egg and who didn't...(hey, whatever works, right?!) Peter brought a big Easter game to play with the children (which unknown to them worked on their color recognition, counting, addition and subtraction skills) and sat in the classroom the remaining part of the day while my fellow student teacher, Laura, and I had our afternoon PPA in order to plan for the following two weeks after Spring Break. When I returned to the classroom just as the children were leaving for home, two little adorable girls named Ava and Georgie brought me the sweetest Easter cards ever and made me promise to keep them on my fridge over the break. They even put their precious fish stickers on the top to show me how 'special' I was (Awwwww!) After I waved goodbye to the children, I grabbed Peter Cottontail from his special place at the front of the classroom on my way out and stuffed him in my purse. It wasn't until this afternoon, while in the middle of my mad house cleaning frenzie when I took Peter out of my bag in order to put him on the coffee table as an Easter decoration, that I noticed one of the cutest things I've seen in my entire life. Little Ava and Georgie had given Mr. Cottontail one of their precious fish stickers (which they informed me only 'special' people get) as well. I'm not lying when I say I nearly cried because I thought it was so stinkin cute. I just had to take a picture to share with all of you. Children are so precious at this age. Sometimes I wish they never had to grow up :) 
Thursday night I was feeling foolishly inspired and adventurous (I blame this on Pinterest! It took advantage and got me drunk on good recipes!) so I made a super yummy (and healthy) Chinese Chicken and Broccoli with Basmati Rice (I added unsalted cashew nuts, onion and carrots to mine as well). It was simple, delicious, low in WW points, and left me satisfied for the rest of the night. If you like Chinese food and are looking for a simple and yummy dinner, this is totally for you!
I have this obsession/paranoia/dislike of houses smelling like last nights dinner. I literally can't stand when it happens. It makes me feel like gagging and dirty when I walk in our front door and can smell onions or garlic still in the air from last nights dinner. It's especially aggravating/hard as our apartment is open plan (our kitchen is in the same room as our living room). So, in an attempt to rectify/prevent this from happening I invested in a new trusty Yankee Candle. Friends and family know how much I love them, and I've passed this love on to my mother-in-law who now has a full blown obsession. She's a Yankee Candle addict (you know you are, Mama Lynne. Don't try and deny it!) I've loved/had Yankee Candles ever since my early teens, but ever since having my own house the infatuation has grown. While they are a bit more expensive than the cheapos you can buy in the high street shops or in the grocery store, they last considerably longer and are more vibrant. Not to mention there are about 80 million different fragrances (my 2 favorite are Christmas Cookie and Black Cherry. Every time I light them I have to remind myself not to eat the wax. They're divine). Today I let Carl choose the new one for our house as my last one (from Christmas) had finally bit the dust. He chose Strawberry Buttercream and it's truly AMAZING. Our house smells like vanilla frosting and warm fresh strawberries. Those onions and garlic bulbs don't stand a chance people! I highly recommend. And if all else fails, it's good for diets because you can't actually eat them, no matter how good they smell. Well, I guess that's a lie because you probably could, but if you did you'd need to see a psychiatrist for your food issues. Immediately. 
Tonight I sat down with a carton of fresh apple juice and a straw (well, I started with one straw, but that one got lost down in the carton so I needed another one. Then that one ran away and got lost as well, so by the end of the hour I was on to straw #3. Yes, I'm well aware of how pathetic this is.) to watch Britain's Got Talent. Now, I'm not normally into these reality shows. I hate the XFactor, America's Got Talent and American Idol...well, if truth be told I hate Britain's Got Talent too (mostly because they all have something to do with Simon Cowell which means they're all a crock and fixed from the beginning anyway) but tonight's show was part of the auditions where you get to enjoy laughing at the duds. Carl and I tend to tune in for the first 3 audition weeks, and then jib it. I know laughing is mean, but you do it too so don't judge me! Anyway, tonight I found an act that just pulled on my heart strings (I may have cried a little too. I blame it on my hormones). It was amazing and I just have to share. The 19 year old Irish boys name was Ryan O'Shaughnessy (what a doosie, eh!) Ryan came to audition with a love song he'd written about his best girl friend who he's had a crush on for 6 years. Awwwwwwww!!! He named his song 'No Name' and this was his first time performing the song publicly. Although Simon, being Simon, pestered him to reveal the girls name, he didn't but said that she would know instantly when she heard it that it was about her. HOW STINKIN' CUTE! It was like some fairytale or Hollywood movie! When he started to play the song I got all teary eyed. Even the hubs (an even bigger Britain's Got Talent/Simon Cowell hater) said it was a great song and "one of the only acts with real talent as he'd actually written and played his own song." I managed to rewind the clip and record it so that I could share it with all of you, as it's not yet on YouTube. Ignore my annoying wobbly recording skills, I had an itch the ENTIRE time in the back of my throat and I was trying desperately not to pass out or choke. I'll have you know that as soon as I stopped recording I very nearly died from coughing. I hope you're all happy.

Okay, well I've tried to upload my video for the past 3 hours and Blogger just aint having it. And neither am I any more. If I see one more error message I'll have a conniption. Besides, in the hours I've wasted trying to upload my crappy video, Britain's Got Talent has posted the proper version onYouTube. Haha
Tomorrow my very best friend from back home lands in England for the 4th time. I'm so excited to see her that I just might pee my pants. Not only is she coming all this way to see me, but she's bringing with her fresh baked bagels from the Bristol Bakery (to understand the significance of this gesture, read this post). I AM DROOLING JUST THINKING ABOUT THEM! A little bit of home to get me through the next 4 months and fend off my homesickness just a bit more. I can't wait to give her a hug (it's been a year since I have and that's just totally unacceptable!) laugh at the stupid jokes that only we understand, make moose noises and sing horribly at ridiculous volumes while doing our famous horrendous yet very creative dance moves. This next week is going to be amazing.

As I am free over the next two weeks to enjoy the Easter break, I shall post often to share my gallavantings, so be sure to stay tuned.

I hope you all have a wonderful Spring weekend!

Thanks for reading, guys!
Take good care


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