Green Gunk, Cough Drops and Antibiotics.

This is just a quick message to say hello, and reassure you that no, I haven't fallen off the planet. I am still here...well, kind of. 
Trust me folks, I'm well aware and slightly embarrassed that I've been so majorly slacking in the blogging department over the past week. Well, not just slacking...this is the longest I've ever gone between posts since I started my blog. It's fair to say that this constitutes as an epic fail. But, while there have been sporadic bursts of inspiration and determination to sit at my computer and write during those few precious moments where I wasn't coughing up a lung, dying with my head in the toilet, or sobbing from the throbbing pain in my ear; I just couldn't find the strength and instead remained in a mountain of Kleenex and Vicks VapoRub on the couch. Feeling sorry for myself. Straining to hear, taste or smell.  Weighing up whether I would really miss my ear that much if I chopped it off. Wondering how it was humanly possible for so much green gunk to come out of such a small person. Praying my snail-like antibiotics would kick in sometime within the next year...it's been pretty bad. Probably the most epic of illnesses I've experienced yet in my life time. For which I blame the small children. My little students, who are adorable, yet lethal, walking balls of germs. Of course I spend my days encouraging them to be nice and 'share' but this is just too giving. They can keep their nasty bugs which manifest into bronchitis and severe week-long ear infections in the future. Gah! Never again!

I am convinced this is God's way of punishing me for all of the idiotic/pain-in-the-ass things I did as a child. And so I put my hands together, look into the heavens above and promise Jesus that I won't throw dirt at my little sister or smuggle left over corn muffins into my bedroom in the middle of the night ever again. I've learned my lesson, I really have!

Nevertheless, I feel as though I may finally (knock on wood) be on the mend. Although I'm nowhere near 100% I find that the green gunk is running on a much shorter supply, my intrusive, obnoxious coughing is a tiny bit less...obnoxious, and although I'm as deaf as an old timer in my right ear (aside from the constant ringing) it doesn't seam to be throbbing quite as bad. So, as I hold my glass of fizzing Ginger Ale in the air and say a croaky 'Cheers' I pop some more medicines, unwrap another Hall's cough drop and dive head first into a steaming bowl of Vick's VapoRub. There's light at the end of this snotty tunnel after all.

And if tomorrow I can fight my way through the phlegm, I have something fun to share with all of you :)

In the mean time, I'm off to prop myself upright in bed, like a stone cold vampire sitting rigid and freakishly pale, for the 6th torturous night a row. Wish me good luck, send sheep my way...hell, I don't even mind if you unleash the bed bugs. May this child-induced sickness be gone in the morning!

Thanks for reading, guys! 
Take good care,


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