Fairy Dust

Since I was little, I have always had an obsession with anything fairy related. To be truthful, I think it all started with Peter Pan, and my obsession with Tinkerbell. (Disney strikes again! Ha!) In addition to the whole Peter Pan scene, my best friend and I used to go on 'fairy hunts' around the playground in elementary school. From the time I was a teenager, I've had framed fairy portraits on my bedroom wall, and my favorite necklace is an Amy Brown fairy pendant that I was given on my 16th birthday by a girlfriend. What's also probably sparked this fairy obsession is a deep rooted fascination with anything sparkly. Seriously, when it comes to glitter I'm like a moth to a flame. Just ask my mother.

I can still remember the first time I saw 'fairy dust' in real life. It was in 2nd grade when a pretty blonde girl named Holly wore a gorgeous necklace to school one day, given to her by her mother. I, as well as all of the other girls, stood with our mouths wide open as we observed the perfect bottle full of gleaming white dust hanging from Holly's neck. It was MAGIC!  and I couldn't believe she had a necklace full of REAL fairy dust! I remember standing there trying hard to control my urge to snatch it from her, run away and hide until the end of time. The only reason I didn't was because I knew I'd get a good scolding from my parents when I was eventually found, so instead I felt very sorry for myself.  I was so envious and so irritated that my Mom wasn't "cool" enough to find a stash of beautiful glittering fairy dust to give to me. (Don't worry, Mom. I know now how cool you really are!) So, for the rest of the day I followed little Holly, a year younger than me, around the school. My eyes never left her necklace, and I even spent the entire 40 minute bus ride home desperately trying to barter with her. I offered my backpack, my shoes, and even my pogs (yes, POGS! What a throw back!) as a trade for her magical necklace, but all to no avail. Holly, although wavering for a couple of minutes at the mention of pogs, never gave in and insisted she wanted to keep her fairy dust necklace from her Mother. And so the story goes, little Amanda desperately yearned for a small vile of glittering fairy dust hanging from a silver chain for years and years to come. That was, until one fine winters day in 2012 when (while perusing Pinterest, obviously!) she spotted a gorgeous Fairy Dust necklace similar to the one of her desires some 17 years ago.
The necklace I found was beautiful, but it was not for sale and the colors were all wrong.  It wasn't white fairy dust like Holly's, and the chain wasn't a beautiful sparkling silver. So, with a strong will and creative determination, I set to eBay for a small glass bottle and some shimmering white glitter. And when the essentials arrived yesterday, I made my very own (even aging paper with tea bags to create my own 'Fairy Dust' sign). Carl is still cursing the day I was born as our entire apartment (including his clothes) was/still are covered in iridescent glitter. I even found some floating in my tea this afternoon. The fairies are among us! Yippee!
And while I'm over the moon with my VERY FIRST, VERY OWN fairy dust necklace (Hooray! I can die happy now! haha) I felt that I didn't want to replace wearing my Amy Brown necklace all of the time. So, I made the decision to wear my fairy dust on the same  chain (given to me by my Grandmother for my birthday last year) as my Amy Brown fairy pendant and my white feather. 

I am in LOVE. It's officially my new favorite necklace in the whole entire world and I'm over the moon with the results. My new life motto is: if at first you can't find your dream 'fairy dust' necklace online, make your own! Haha! Even now that I'm nearly 24 years old and married, I'm tickled pink with the fact that I finally have this necklace. Who would think that something so silly and  childish would spark so much happiness? But it has, and I'm perfectly okay with that. Because now, I can now wear my childhood on my neck. And someday if I'm lucky enough to have a daughter (I pray every single day that I do) together we'll watch Peter Pan, go on fairy hunts in the forest, and wear our very own magical fairy dust necklaces. I can not wait. 

Thanks for reading, guys!
Take good care,


  1. love the combination! it looks fabulous! may it definitely bring you some magic powers!

  2. You reminded me of an old roommate when I read: "our entire apartment (including his clothes) was/still are covered in iridescent glitter. I even found some floating in my tea this afternoon." Wow. Just wow. I had this roommate who would cook chicken and open & touch the faucet, the utensils drawer, the fridge, the contents of the fridge, the light switches, the kitchen towels with raw chicken hands and never clean them or wash anything. I got food poisoning so many times because he was a PIG! He would not wash his hands after touching chicken god knows WHEN he'd wash his hands. Got rid of that roommate fast. All I can say is thank god you're not my roommate! I'd hate to have another idiot who thinks it's funny to eat glitter. PS: you can die from the toxins in glitter. Enjoy your tea sweetheart!


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