I want to be your Sledgehammer.

Today started out brilliantly. The sun was shining. I made super yummy pancakes with the kiddies (one of which I managed to flip 10 times!) It was so warm outside that we didn't have to wear coats or mitten at play time. We hid in tires and became pirates. At one point I even found myself as an evil shark trying to eat all of my students, only this shark tickled instead of biting...and was panting like a dog after about 2 minutes of chasing pray. I got many hugs and heard lots of giggles. And to top it all off, one of my little girls was beyond excited to take me by the hand and show me some baby daffodils she'd found that were beginning to bloom (we'd been learning all about growth and decay, and had gone on a daffodil hunt a couple of weeks ago. Little Emily was unbelievably proud to have spotted some baby daffodils all on her own. Awww!) 

But when I got home it turned into the most craptastic day ever, which resulted in a teary phone call to the hubby and my Momma back home. I tried with every bone in my body to stay calm and keep positive thoughts, but I needed a good cry and I needed reassurance and support. You need not worry, I'm not dying and the world isn't coming to an end. I just happen to be in a stressful situation that I'm hoping doesn't spiral out of control. Although for various reasons I'm not ready to talk about it on here, please keep sending positive thoughts my way. I could really use them :)

In an effort to cheer up, Carlos and I were watching old music videos that we remembered and loved from our childhood on YouTube. I, of course, found Wannabe by the Spice Girls while Carl suggested Bat Out of Hell by Meat Loaf. But there was one music video in particular that put a smile on our faces. We sang the words, tapped our feet and wondered just how many photos were used in order to create such a masterpiece (surely it must be in the thousands) when we put on Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel. This song has single handedly put me back in an optimistic and happy mood. I just love it, and the music video is one of my favorites. So thank you, Mr. Gabriel, for not only creating an awesome song, but an awesome music video that is still as relevant and 'cool' now as it was in 1986. I hope it makes you bop along and smile too.
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