Lazy Saturday's

I love the days where my alarm isn't set and I wake whenever my eyes want to open.
I love the days where Carl and I have time to cuddle.
I love the days where I don't have to hurry, I can go as slow as I want.
I love the days where I have no agenda. 
I love the days that Carl makes me a nice big cup of tea in my favorite green polka dot mug.
I love the days that Carl sits on the couch strumming away on his acoustic guitar, stomping his foot to the beat.
I love the days that I can slide my fluffy slippers on and scuffle around the house in fleece pj's and with messy hair.
I love the days where I have free time to experiment with my new make-up palette  (I was inspired to do this because of my good friend Lauren at Live Today, Think Tomorrow who always has fab make-up and fashion tips...thanks babydoll! Hope I've done you proud!) 

I love the days where Carl and I hold hands as we slowly stroll around my favorite part of Liverpool, the Albert Dock.
I love the days that we sit together on our favorite cozy leather couch in our local coffee shop.
I love the days that I munch on mini white chocolate and raspberry muffins because they're delicious and only 2 Weight Watchers points each...so I eat 4. 
I love the days where I sip away at a skinny double shot vanilla latte and people watch, soaking up life around me.
I love the days where it starts out sunny and the clouds slowly creep in...even when out of nowhere it gets bitterly cold and so bloody windy I feel as though I'm reenacting the Wizard of Oz. 

...and then it rains when I've forgotten my broken umbrella at home and I have to buy another one...but I find one that's brown with white polka dots and its on sale, so everything works out. 
I love the days where I finish my Mom and Dad's home made Christmas present (Yes, I know it's late...but it's from the heart and the thought that counts!) I love that I'm proud of what I've done.
I love the days where I discover I'm actually pretty good at Quilling, and from now on I can give beautiful home-made and heart felt gifts to friends and family. 
I love the days where I get surprises in the mail from Vermont and can enjoy my favorite crackers from my childhood. (Thanks Mom and Dad!!!) I love nibbling at them slowly so that I savor the taste and feel like I'm eating more than I am. 
I love that on Weight Watchers I can eat WHATEVER I want.
I love the 'slumber party' days where Carl and I push our couches together, cuddle in big comforters and pillows watching one movie after another. 
I love the days where I hear Carl laugh.
I love the days where I don't stop smiling.
I love feeling content and happy with my life.

I love day's like today...
these lovely lazy Saturday's.


  1. Cute post! I haven't thought about Chicken in a Biscuit crackers in FOREVER! I used to love them when I was little, too! Now, I NEED some! :)

  2. See, Amanda! TWINS! haha

    My sister and I used to eat these crackers EVERY DAY! Mmmmm! Definitely pop out to the grocery store, your life isn't complete without a bit of Chicken in a Biskit! ;)

  3. You have indeed done me proud! What colours did you use? I need to experiment with the darker colours. Have yet to brave them xx

  4. I love those days too. (o: Glad you got to have one of them!

  5. I would have to agree with you and everyone else, those days are the best! Nice blog mandy

  6. I was just reading a few of your blogs, this one is so sweet! You are a great writer! I love that you are working with kids! Hope all is well!


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