Baby Tripp

One of my most favorite blogs to read is by a beautiful woman named Megan. I found her months and months ago and ever since I've been addicted. I love reading everything she has to say, and it makes my heart warm when I see her new posts filled with stories and pictures of her adorable twins. Some people may find it odd that I don't know Megan personally and still I smile from ear to ear as I watch her little family grow. But truthfully, her posts make me happy. I know why I feel this way though. It's because in some weird way I feel like I know Megan. Through her blog I've felt the heartache and seen the horrible pain she went through when she and her husband lost their first baby, adorable little Cohen, who went to heaven when he was only a couple of weeks old. I've read all of Cohen's Story and my heart has ached. I've cried uncontrollably in bed as I watched the memorial video her and her husband played at his funeral. Tears have steamed down my face as I read Megan's pregnancy posts where she expressed her excitement of finally getting to meet her precious baby Cohen and how much she couldn't wait to be a Mommy...only to have it all taken away from her. I've felt angry because that isn't fair. No one should ever have to say goodbye to their precious baby only days after they were born.  I've cried as I lay in bed and prayed to God that Carl and I never have to experience what Megan and Brent have gone through. And there have been many times where I've wondered  if I'd ever be able to be as strong as they have. It scares me that I wouldn't be able to pull myself together, pick up the pieces and do my best to create a happy life, regardless of the immense pain. I can't imagine having a hole so big inside my heart, a hole that I'd never be able to patch. Can you? But still, regardless of everything, Megan remains one of the most optimistic, happy, forgiving, humble and appreciative people I know of. I've felt inspired. Because she truly is an inspiration, and I love reading her posts that are full of smiles and stories of her two beautiful blessings who are healthy and happy. I love happy endings, and if you do too I highly recommend following Megan, Brent, Sloane and Knox's journey also.

But as we know, not all stories have happy endings...

Baby Cohen passed away because he was born with Congenital Heart Defects, and one of the reasons Megan has blogged so openly about Baby Cohen, his illness, and his death is by hoping to raise awareness and offer a place of solace for other parents who may be experiencing something similar. In addition, Megan often posts links to other blogs of parents who are trying to cope with/pray for/raise awareness for their child and the sickness they have. With this in mind, one of the children Megan has highlighted and asked her readers to pray for was a little boy called Tripp, who was born with Epidermolysis Bullosa or "EB" which is a terrible terrible skin disease. I've seen prayer requests for him before, so when I saw Megan's post "Baby Tripp" appear today on my home screen I immediately clicked on it hoping that it was an optimistic post filled with good news about this little boy. Unfortunately, it wasn't. It breaks my heart, but yesterday, on January 14th, Baby Tripp lost his battle with EB and went to heaven. If you click on the link above to Megan's post you'll be able to access the link to Courtney's blog (Tripps mother) and read for yourself about this poor little boy who suffered more pain in his 2 years than many people experience in a life time. Now while you're probably thinking "Why are you writing such a depressing and morbid post?" I have to point out that the object of this isn't to bring sadness to others, but it's my personal attempt to do good and contribute to raising awareness. I know that neither of these illnesses directly impact me or anyone in my life, which I am so appreciative of and I thank God I may be so lucky, but I know that Cohen and Tripp's stories have not only touched me, but made me more aware of what Congenital Heart Defects and Epidermolysis Bullosa are. I only hope that by creating this post and continuing to share their stories I can influence and inspire others to raise awareness and share this as well. I pray that if Carl and I ever had to experience something as heartbreaking and awful as the parents above have, my friends and family would do all that they could to spread awareness so that together we could make a difference in the lives of helpless children who are born with such horrible illnesses.

So please, take a moment to share baby Cohen and Tripp's stories, and pray for those children who are battling for their lives every day.


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